Umesh Korde

Umesh Korde has been active in the area of ocean wave energy utilization since 1982. He has worked on several aspects of the problem, though his research over the last three decades has primarily been concerned with the dynamics, control, and hydrodynamics of oscillating bodies and pressure distributions performing as the primary working element of a wave energy converter. Of particular interest in the last few years have been small devices capable of integration into measurement and sensing systems in the ocean, as well as shore and ocean based microgrids serving a variety of applications. A focal area of his current research has been new techniques for modeling and control, including novel ways to utilize existing approaches.

Dr. Korde has also worked on the dynamics and control of flexible bodies including lightweight membranes, for space applications such as steering and shaping of laser beams, tunable passive damping of lightweight structures, and self-healing of structures using focused stress waves. Dr. Korde serves as an associate editor for the journal J Ocean Engineering and Marine Energy (Springer), and is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Research Specialties

  • Dynamics and control: floating body hydrodynamics, hydrodynamic modeling of buoys, cables;
  • Modeling and control of flexible and smart structures;
  • Wave energy converters, near-optimal control in the time domain;
  • Adaptive and nonlinear control of floating bodies;
  • Low-dissipation actuator and mechanism development, development of new detection and sensing modalities;
  • Deterministic wave prediction;
  • Control of ship-board systems
  • Wave powered microgrids