Modeling and Control Development for Electric Vehicle and Smart Grid Integration

Argonne National Laboratory

Statement of Work
Further develop modeling and control in the EV-Smart Grid Interoperability Center.
1. To prepare for the next phase of controller-in-the-loop, an additional communication mechanism between Opal-RT and will be explored. Currently, the Opal-RT simulator can communicate with through Modbus TCP/IP. To enable the Opal-RT simulator directly communicating with an
MQTI broker, the implementation of an MQTI client in Opal-RT will be developed.
• Fully functional, tested and debugged Opal-RT MQTI communication blocks for interfacing an
MQTI broker with an Opal-RT simulation (publish and subscribe).

2. Node-Red Node Development
The contractor will develop Node-Red Nodes to further integrate networked devices into All source code will be open-sourced and posted the IOC GitHub account.
• Fully functional, tested and debugged BACnet Node-Red node.

Investigator: Bo Chen