Human Factors, Curriculum Development and Commercialization Research


Lead curriculum development and commercial research that educates engineers with skills to solve energy-related, interdisciplinary problems and design next-generation systems. Commercialize IP developed at Michigan Tech to field microgrid and cyber security applications.

Active Projects


  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) outreach
  • IP commercialization
  • Curriculum development
  • Military-to-civilian technology training
  • PEV vehicle charging and peak shaving
  • V2G for provisional grids – disaster relief
  • Building storage

Human Factors

Secure Intelligent Architectures for Coordinating Agile Microgrids Research


Agile microgrids allow variable, distributed sources and loads to effectively interoperate over a broad range of conditions. Enabling large numbers of autonomously-managed micro-generators and loads must be accomplished through information-intensive architectures that create significant challenges regarding coordination and cyber security.

Active Research Projects


Research is concerned with developing concepts, techniques, and tools for enabling the design of secure and effective multi-agent systems for agile microgrids:

  • Combine cyber security, secure software, and system design, distributed control, and computational modeling to achieve a resilient and reliable control system design for agile microgrids.
  • Design and implement multi-agent system incorporating advanced distributed controls, intrinsic cyber security and safety.
  • Develop simulation-based microgrid design tools that utilize advanced in secure multi-agent distributed control to assist in microgrid development projects involving variable sources and controlled loads