Distributed Agent-Based Management of Agile Microgrids Research


A remote microgrid is a class of stand-alone power grids that services diverse loads, employs distributed generation with renewable resources, and requires on-line control and optimization to maintain stability and power flow. The grid control system is both agile and autonomous, accommodating rapid changes in generation and load resources with minimal training or intervention on the part of human operators.

Active Research Projects


  • Control based on a hybrid approach that marries novel model-predictive control strategies with multi-agent systems.
  • Utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.
  • By imbuing software agents with component models and knowledge about grid operations the collective can cooperatively plan and execute coordinated operations that essentially re-organize grid structure in real-time while maintaining uninterrupted service.

Distributed Agent Based Management Layout

High Order Nonlinear Droop

High Order Nonlinear Droop

Distributed Flowchart