Unstable and Pulse Load Control Designs for Naval Electrical Systems

Sandia National Labs

Using the HSSPFC (Hamiltonian Surface Shaping and Power Flow Control) derived Matlab/Simulink tools develop a Reduced Order Model (ROM) to support control designs for pulse load applications for i) up to (3) key ship modes of a ship power system operation and ii) a stable and unstable modes of switching operations as a part of a survivability scenario.

ElectroMagnetic (EM) Coupling-Penetration Measurement Standard
Testing and simulation facilities have various methods for test readiness activities and post-test instrumentation and sensors performance verification. Such a canonical standard has been developed but has not been used or re-verified in recent years. Using the mathematical model of the canonical measurement standard previously documented in an EM Sand report, verify both analytical and computational analyses and propose experimental validation with analytical model.

Investigator: Wayne Weaver